Scaredy Cats (Netflix)

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On Netflix: October 1, 2021

26m | Fantasy, Comedy, Family

On Willa Ward’s (Sophia Reid-Gantzert) 12th birthday, she inherits a beautiful cat amulet necklace that belonged to her mother, whom she discovers was a witch. When she learns that two bad witches, Wilma (Lauren McGibbon) and Wanda (Carolyn Taylor) are after her locket so they can have ultimate power, Willa and her best friends Scout (Ava Augustin) and Lily (Daphne Hoskins) turn into cats to escape.

They must learn to use the necklace and her witch powers to defeat the bad witches and save their town. 

Director: Anna McRoberts
Studio: Netflix
Cast: Sophia Reid-Gantzert, Ava Augustin, Daphne Hoskins, Lauren McGibbon, Carolyn Taylor
Writer(s): Anna McRoberts
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