Amazon Falls

Amazon Falls Movie Poster

AMAZON FALLS tells the story of a faded B-movie actress, Jana, who refuses to give up her dream of being a star. But the clock is ticking. She is on the cusp of forty and it's now or never. Despite her best efforts to live clean and expand her skills, Jana is ultimately overcome by the burden of a dream in a business that would seem to punish more for virtue than for vice. Faced with perpetual futility and diminishing returns, when is it time to finally let the dream go?

Director: Katrin Bowen
Studio: Purple Productions
Producer(s): Darren Reiter, Katrin Bowen
Cast: April Telek, Anna Mae Routledge, Zak Santiago, William B. Davis, Tom Braidwood, Ben Ratner, Gabrielle Rose
Writer(s): Curry Hitchborn
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